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Program Advisers

Arts Program Advisers

See the Arts OASIS website for a complete list of Arts program advisers.

Science Program Advisers

Main Adviser Department/Program
Vittoria Catania Anatomy and Cell Biology
Daniel Kirshbaum Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
Christine Laberge Biochemistry
Nancy Nelson Biology
Sam Sewall Chemistry
SOUSA Advising Office Cognitive Science
Nathan Friedman Computer Science (School of)
Kaleem Siddiqi Computer Science (School of)
Jeanne Paquette Earth and Planetary Sciences
William Minarik
Earth System Science
Kathy Roulet Environment (McGill School of)
Geography Adviser Geography
Armel Kelome Mathematics and Statistics
Benoit Cousineau Microbiology & Immunology
Pete Barry Neuroscience
Terry Hebert Pharmacology
Fritz Buchinger Physics
Sonia Viselli Physiology
Ann Wechsler Physiology
Fatima Nabi Psychology
Hans Larsson Redpath Museum
Brian Robinson
Sustainability, Science and Society