Import/Export Goods

Importing goods into Canada

All goods imported into Canada are subject to Provincial and Federal taxes, Duties and Excise taxes and must be cleared through Canada Customs in order for the goods to be released to the end-user. In order to manage all of the University’s imports, Procurement Services has negotiated a contract with a licensed customs broker (see below).  The services provided by the customs broker incorporate payment of duties & taxes (if applicable), freight, and all other chargeable formalities, to be reimbursed by the University.

Departments expecting an urgent shipment and do not wish to encounter any delays at customs should contact Procurement Services or the University's customs broker with the waybill number, flight number, etc. Revenue Canada - Customs and Excise are entitled to spot check any shipment. They may also require further information pertaining to the shipment regardless of the declared value.

When procuring goods from suppliers outside of Canada, Canada Customs and Revenue Agency requires that certain forms (outlined below) be duly completed by the supplier and accompany the goods (attached to the waybill). Failure to do so will result in delays at customs and possibly higher duty rates.

For further information on import regulations, please visit the Canada Revenue Agency website.

Exporting out of Canada

The McGill Community frequently requires the export of certain goods to the US and other countries for a variety of reasons (i.e. donation, repair, research collaboration, etc.).

As each country has their own importation regulations resulting in complicated procedures and paperwork, we suggest contacting McGill's customs broker who will assist you with the process and paperwork.

Customs Broker

Affiliated Customs is McGill's contracted Customs Broker.

Please visit Affiliated's website for a list of forms related to Custom Clearance:

  • Canada Customs Invoice (CCI)
  • NAFTA Certificate of Origin
  • Statement of Origin for commercial importations of less than CDN $1600.00
  • Export documents

Need assistance?

For any questions or more detailed information pertaining to Customs Clearance, Imports and Exports, please contact Affiliated's Customer Representative, ftomi [at] (Mr. Florian Tomi), by telephone at 514-288-1211.

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