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Eleven honorary degrees awarded at Spring 1998 convocations

Spring 1998 convocations will take place from May 27 to June 9 and will feature eleven honorary degrees and the first group of graduates from the Aboriginal Literacy Program.

Published: 27 May 1998

The Medical Research Council grants $10 million to McGill

The Medical Research Council of Canada has awarded $10 million to McGill and its affiliated hospitals to pursue research in a variety of health sectors.

Published: 26 May 1998

School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition opens new clinical research facility

Official opening of the McGill School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition's world-class clinical research facility.

Published: 25 May 1998

Numata Lectureship in Buddhist Studies at McGill University

The Faculty of Religious Studies at McGill University is the recent recipient of a $1-million gift from the Tokyo-based BDK Foundation to establish the Numata Lectureship in Buddhist Studies.

Published: 25 May 1998

Quebec universities promoted in the USA

Principal Bernard Shapiro is traveling through the United States with Quebec premier Lucien Bouchard to promote Quebec universities and partnership with the private sector.

Published: 19 May 1998

McGill à L'Acfas

McGill University professors and students will be participating in the 66th Acfas conference. This release is in French only.

Published: 7 May 1998

Establishment of a charitable foundation Chair in Chinese Cultural Studies

A generous gift of $1.5 million from the Drs Richard Charles and Esther Yewpick Lee Charitable Foundation results in the creation of a Chair in Chinese Cultural Studies.

Published: 20 Apr 1998

1995 Nobel Peace laureate Joseph Rotblat to speak tonight at McGill University

Nobel Peace laureate Joseph Rotblat will speak tonight at McGill on "Preservation of humankind in the nuclear age."

Published: 1 Apr 1998

A must in March at McGill

Great lecturers take the stand at McGill in March.

Published: 11 Mar 1998

McGill University celebrates revitalized Department of Jewish Studies

Significant contributions result in the creation of two endowment funds for Jewish Studies at McGill University.

Published: 10 Mar 1998

A new chapter in the future of McGill's bookstore

Chapters Inc. bookstores takes over the management of the McGill bookstore.

Published: 18 Feb 1998

McGill University injects $4.9 billion into the Quebec economy over ten years

A new study describes the economic impact of McGill University on the provincial economy.

Published: 23 Jan 1998

International language examination centre opens at McGill

French authorities applaud McGill's initiative to provide a centre for the testing of French proficiency.

Published: 8 Dec 1997

McGill professor wins prestigious award in psychiatric research

McGill professor Samarthji Lal is the recipient of the Joey and Toby Tanenbaum Distinguished Scientist Award for his research on schizophrenia.

Published: 4 Dec 1997

World AIDS Day, December 1, 1997: McGill University AIDS expertise

This press release contains a list of key researchers in the field of HIV/AIDS.

Published: 28 Nov 1997