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Globe and Mail - Scientists study relationship between genes and concussions

In Montreal, Boston and Toronto, scientists are trying to understand the relationship between genes and concussions, but the work is still in its infancy… Dr. Scott Delaney at McGill University says the boxing studies have created discussion that boxers should undergo blood testing to see if they should be allowed to step into the ring.

Published: 9 Mar 2011

Financial Post - MBA: Baby boom managers reinvent retirement

Baby Boomers have been bucking social conventions and defining new market trends since the 1960s. Now they’re reinventing retirement as well, a new McGill study shows.

Published: 9 Mar 2011

Nunatsiaq News - Researchers plan telephone survey on environment and health but interviews limited to English or French

A research team from the McGill University Health Centre in Montreal and Ontario’s University of Waterloo wants to find out if people in Nunavut can provide clues to understanding the link between the environment and human health.

Published: 9 Mar 2011

Métro - Trois écoles de gestion s'unissent pour organiser un week-end vert

L'École de gestion John-Molson (Université Concordia), la Faculté de gestion Desautels (Université McGill) et HEC Montréal se sont unies pour organiser une conférence sur le développement durable.

Published: 9 Mar 2011

Times of India - Researchers feature on MIT tech review list

On the eve of International Womens Day, two women researchers Aishwarya Lakshmi Ratan and Alefia Merchant have made it to Massachusetts Institute of Technology's prestigious India Technology Review 35 list for 2011 for their innovative work…

Published: 8 Mar 2011

Montreal Gazette (opinion) - U.S. needs to stay on the sidelines of the Arab revolution

(Op-ed) Imad Mansour teaches Department of Political Science at McGill University: "While civilian deaths in Libya are regrettable, the Libyans need to carry this revolt through on their own."

Published: 8 Mar 2011

The Tyee - Better information sharing needed in fight against money laundering, says report

An evaluation of Canada's anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing regime over the past decade suggests government institutions still don't share enough information among themselves.

Published: 8 Mar 2011

Montreal Gazette (blog) - Honouring Carrie Derrick, Canada's first female professor on International Women's Day

Carrie Derrick was a botanist, gardener, suffragette, social reformer and founder of McGill's Genetics Department.

Published: 8 Mar 2011

Nunatsiaq News - Law student cooks up fundraiser for aboriginal shelter

When Joey Flowers heard about funding cuts at the Native Women’s Shelter of Montreal, he wanted to help.

Published: 8 Mar 2011

Toronto Star - Ten women who made a difference

On the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day, Jennifer Hunter of the Star's editorial board selects the 10 most influential Canadian women of the past century…

Published: 8 Mar 2011

Globe and Mail - Folic acid fights cancer

A diet that is low in folic acid - a B vitamin also known as folate - could set the stage for colorectal cancer, according to researchers at McGill University in Montreal.

Published: 7 Mar 2011

Globe and Mail - Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan suffer high rate of brain trauma

Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan were hospitalized for traumatic brain injury between 2006 and 2009 at almost three times the rate of Americans fighting there in earlier years before the war escalated, according to a National Defence study obtained by The Globe and Mail…

Published: 7 Mar 2011

BBC - Tony Blair's global 'battle of ideas'

Tony Blair: "We adjust or we are swept away"...

Published: 7 Mar 2011

Huffington Post, Globe and Mail, et al. - Map reveals climate change injustice

Climate change will have the greatest effect on those least responsible for causing the problem, a new study suggests.

Published: 6 Mar 2011

Postmedia - The 'physical,' a dying art

In an age of MRIs and CT scans, the physical exam is becoming a dying art. Sharon Kirkey discovers what's being lost - from an ability to diagnose to the human touch that says: 'You are more than a broken body to me. You matter.'

Published: 5 Mar 2011