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Financial Post - Professing truths about management

Leaders Series: A true management and leadership guru, Dr. Henry Mintzberg of McGill University joins us to speak about management misconceptions, and his new book: "Management? It's Not What You Think!".

Published: 13 Oct 2010

Montreal Gazette - Collateral damage: Dissent takes a hit; War on terror used as pretext, conference told

Governments and law-enforcement agencies are using the war against terrorism as a pretext to clamp down on legitimate protest and free themselves from constraints on their activities, an international conference on human rights hosted by McGill University heard Saturday.

Published: 11 Oct 2010

Le Devoir - Prix J.-Armand-Bombardier: Tout est affaire d'intelligence artificielle; Gregory Dudek est un inventeur en robotique marine

Si Armand Bombardier était un jeune inventeur aujourd'hui plutôt que de l'avoir été au début du XXe siècle, il serait attiré par la robotique. En ce sens, le professeur Gregory Dudek se situe tout à fait dans le sillage du concepteur de la motoneige.

Published: 9 Oct 2010

Montreal Gazette - Hunt for fuel of life burned intensely

(Chemistry professor Joe Schwarcz): "Much about life and death can be argued, but not this: life is warm, death is cold. Our final cool-down begins with our last breath. Body heat, it seems, is intertwined with life. But where does it come from?"

Published: 9 Oct 2010

Montreal Gazette - Groundwork for physics honour was laid in wartime Montreal

On Tuesday, Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov won the 2010 Nobel Prize for Physics for their work on graphene… For Michael Hilke, a physics professor at McGill University now producing and experimenting with graphene - he organized a symposium at McGill this summer where Geim was a speaker - the back story is pretty interesting, too…

Published: 7 Oct 2010

Montreal Gazette - The day before yesterday's man

(Tom Velk, director of North American studies at McGill, op-ed) "What's wrong with traditional anti-recession government theory and policy (called macro-economics by economists)? It must be something major, as the recession just past (officially so in the United States) was not foreseen.

Published: 7 Oct 2010

Chemistry World - Artificial blood

Synthetic alternatives to donor blood have been stuck in development for decades. Nina Notman reports on recent promising progress…

Published: 6 Oct 2010

The Globe and Mail - Talking Management with Karl Moore

Bringing HR to the table: Coming out of a recession, people issues are at centre stage, says David Ulrich in conversation with Desautels' Karl Moore.

Published: 6 Oct 2010

The Globe and Mail - Breast cancer linked to traffic-related air pollution

New study out suggesting a link between air pollution levels and breast cancer rates in post-menopausal women here in Montreal. Dr. Mark Goldberg is one of the authors of the study. He is an epidemiologist with the MUHC and professor of medicine at McGill university.

Published: 6 Oct 2010

canoe.ca - Most loved and hated brands

The top loved brands, as rated by BrandMojo, a not-for-profit brand rating site that explores the most loved and hated brands. (BrandMojo was created by Bob Mackalski as part of his doctoral dissertation research at Desautels Faculty of Management)

Published: 6 Oct 2010

New Scientist - Should psychoanalysis be in the science museum?

Is psychoanalysis worthy of a place in London's Science Museum? Of course it is, says Robert Bud (principal curator of medicine at the Science Museum in London). Certainly not, counters Mario Bunge (philosopher at McGill and a long-standing critic of psychoanalysis).

Published: 5 Oct 2010

La Presse - Les remèdes du Dr Mintzberg

Comment régler les problèmes de gestion en santé? J'ai posé cette question injuste à Henry Mintzberg, considéré comme un des penseurs les plus influents dans le domaine de la gestion.

Published: 4 Oct 2010

Montreal Gazette - 10 minutes max or just flak?

Frequent-bus network is getting praise from transit experts, but some commuters say it's more marketing than a real improvement. We put the stopwatch to some routes to find out…

Published: 4 Oct 2010

CNN - Canada's national dish: 740 calories - and worth every bite?

Bob Rutledge is on a quest to spread the word about poutine. The high-calorie concoction -- a messy combination of fries, gravy and cheddar cheese curds - is not for the faint of heart, or for that matter, those seeking to protect their heart. But Rutledge says this carb-heavy, high-fat combination holds a very special appeal.

Published: 3 Oct 2010

Winnipeg Free Press - Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus suggests new model for Canadian delivery of foreign aid

A Nobel Peace Prize winner is suggesting a new model for the way Canada spends its foreign-aid money. Bangladeshi economist Muhammad Yunus believes a share of that development money — between 10 and 15 per cent — should be dedicated to social business.

Published: 2 Oct 2010