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Make daylight saving time less painful by avoiding naps

CBC's Daybreak spoke with Dr. Nancy Low, clinical director of the Mental Health Service at McGill University, to get some tips on easing the transition. CBC News

Published: 14 Mar 2016

9 mars 2016 : journée historique pour l’ADN au Canada

« Cet accord donne au secteur public les outils dont il aura besoin pour voir aux brevets génétiques à l’avenir. » Richard Gold, professeur de droit et de médecine à l’Université McGill  qui a conseillé le CHEO sur le cadre politique de l’entente. Radio-Canada International

Published: 10 Mar 2016

Linking Zika, microcephaly and other nerve syndromes

All of these questions could have been answered years, if not decades ago, if anyone had taken a closer look at Zika, says Madhukar Pai, director of Global Health Programs for the McGill University Faculty of Medicine. Scientific American

Published: 10 Mar 2016

AlphaGo will enable us to enhance human capabilities

Op-ed by Doina Precup, associate professor of computer science and associate dean. The New York Times

Published: 10 Mar 2016

Swimming with the McGill Martlets

Video featuring McGill's swimming team. Breakfast Television

Published: 9 Mar 2016

International Women’s Day – Minister Duncan’s Message

Video features McGill professors Shaheen Shariff and Victoria Kaspi. Science Canada

Published: 9 Mar 2016

Boxer pour réussir et sortir de la rue

Une vingtaine de jeunes de Montréal-Nord en situation difficile ont participé à une séance de boxe à l'université McGill. Métro

Published: 9 Mar 2016

Why successful people wear the same thing everyday

According to Daniel Levitin, a professor of psychology and behavioral neuroscience at McGill University in Montreal, anytime you make a decision the brain has to use energy. Attn

Published: 8 Mar 2016

McGill's Béliveau invests in players on and off court

McGill University women’s volleyball coach and former Olympian Rachèle Béliveau has made a large impact on her sport and in the lives of the players she has mentored. Montreal Gazette

Published: 8 Mar 2016

Canadian wrestler Dori Yeats qualifies for Rio Olympics

McGill Engineering student Dorothy Yeats booked her ticket to Rio with win at the Pan-American Olympic Qualifier in Frisco, Texas. CBC News

Published: 8 Mar 2016

Et la musique créa l’humanité

Aujourd’hui, Daniel Levitin est neuroscientifique à l’Université McGill de Montréal, où il a consacré une bonne partie de son activité de chercheur à s’interroger sur la manière dont «la musique a guidé le développement de la nature humaine» au cours des cinquante mille dernières années. Le Temps

Published: 7 Mar 2016

Victoria Kaspi, Herzberg Gold Medal winner

Interview with Victoria Kaspi on Quirks & Quarks. CBC Radio

Published: 7 Mar 2016

Mapping Star Wars Force Awakens characters

“I came away with the sense that it felt as though it was the same as A New Hope, but I didn’t feel disappointed. That paradox got me thinking." Derek Ruths, associate professor in the School of Computer Science and head of Network Dynamics Lab. Wired

Published: 7 Mar 2016

Mysterious cosmic radio bursts found to repeat

The findings stem from a discovery made in November, when McGill University Ph.D. student Paul Scholz was working with FRB data from the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico, which is the largest of its kind. The Washington Post

Published: 3 Mar 2016

Interview with Victoria Kaspi

McGill’s leading astrophysicist talks fundamental science research, academic gender imbalances and amateur dramatics as a parent. Times Higher Education

Published: 3 Mar 2016