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Thupten Jinpa: the Dalai Lama's translator for 30 years

Thupten Jinpa was a bright young Tibetan Buddhist monk, who had joined the Dalai Lama's inner circle as principal English-language translator. Today, he's a professor at McGill University. He still translates for the Dalai Lama. CBC News

Published: 23 Feb 2016

Refugee health care’s coming back

“So far as coverage of medical services is concerned, the April 1 [refugee health] reform changes very little. This is because the majority of refugee claimants (theoretically) have always continued to have full coverage of medical services. They never lost it.” Janet Cleveland, McGill University researcher and psychologist. Global News

Published: 22 Feb 2016

L’incroyable histoire d’un inventeur

«Je voulais écrire un roman littéraire, poétique, qui avait la capacité d’avoir un peu d’intrigue, de violence, d’action.» Sean Michaels, écrivain en résidence, Département d’anglais. Le Journal de Montréal

Published: 22 Feb 2016

Do Black Lives Matter in Montreal?

Samanthea Samuels, candidate in Faculty of Law, and Rachel Zellars, PhD student were both interviewed. Montreal Gazette



Published: 22 Feb 2016

Research sheds new light on 'flexible' brain cells

Groundbreaking research from the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre — which has shattered a long-standing assumption about brain cells known as astrocytes with a new study published on Thursday — has opened the door to the possibility of reprogramming those cells to preserve brain function. Montreal Gazette

Published: 19 Feb 2016

Uber uproar: The rage in Montreal

“There’s something different about transportation. It affects how everything works together in a way that, say, whether you buy your book from Amazon or your bookstore does not. That might shape the ecosystem of retailers but it doesn’t shape your everyday life experience in the same way as transforming the transportation infrastructure would.” Barry Eidlin, McGill University sociologist....

Published: 18 Feb 2016

Frappes russes en Syrie sur des hôpitaux et des écoles

Entrevue avec Frédéric Mégret, professeur de droit. Radio-Canada

Published: 18 Feb 2016

Quebec debates blackface, again

Interview with Philip Howard, Professor in the Department of Integrated Studies in Education. CTV News

Published: 18 Feb 2016

Et le gagnant est…

Pour conclure cet exercice créatif à lourdes contraintes, le .txtLAB de McGill a analysé les textes ainsi composés afin de voir qui, de Daniel Grenier, Monique Proulx, Stéphane Dompierre, Marie Hélène Poitras et André Alexis, en a le mieux intégré les composants. Résultats et réflexion avec le professeur Andrew Piper. Le Devoir

Published: 17 Feb 2016

QC Finance Minister talks budget with McGill students

“This was a new way of doing things, of consulting the student population of McGill, to see how we could improve the budget.” Carlos Leitao, Quebec Finance Minister. Global News

Published: 17 Feb 2016

McGill d'hier à aujourd'hui

 Entrevue avec Olivier Marcil, vice-principal aux communications et relations externes. La Fabrique Culturelle

Published: 17 Feb 2016

Batèches : onze percussionnistes... rapaillés

«Nous avons fait de l'orchestre classique et nous sommes tous fans de musique contemporaine. Nous faisons tous de tout!» résume Fabrice Marandola, professeur de percussion à l'École de musique Schulich de l'université McGill, en plus d'être l'un des six interprètes de Sixtrum. La Presse

Published: 16 Feb 2016

Understanding gravity waves

Robert Ferdman of McGill’s physics department explains the confirmation that gravity waves exist. CTV News

Published: 16 Feb 2016

The lack of women in science: 'A wicked problem'

The gender bias in science is what we call a wicked problem, McGill University Professor Elena Bennett says. Pull at one thread and discover 10 more just as unsolvable. Montreal Gazette

Published: 16 Feb 2016

Victoria Kaspi wins Canada’s top science prize

Victoria Kaspi, a professor and Canada research chair at McGill University, is this year's winner of the $1 million Gerhard Herzberg Canada Gold Medal from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada. The award has been awarded annually since 1991 to recognize "sustained excellence and overall influence" of research conducted in Canada.

Published: 16 Feb 2016