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Jet lag no more: foolproof tips for your next trip

“Older people take longer to fall asleep and sleep less when jet lagged compared to younger people,” says psychology researcher Jay Olson, of the Montreal Neurological Institute at McGill University. Next Avenue

Published: 31 Mar 2016

Astronomers create the first heat map of a super-Earth

Nicolas Cowan, an astronomer at McGill University who has used Spitzer data to create thermal maps of gas-giant exoplanets, is not sure the aging telescope is up to the task of investigating smaller worlds. Scientific American

Published: 31 Mar 2016

Footage shows destruction in Syria's city of Palmyra

Rex Brynen, political science professor, said regaining control of Palmyra is a “significant victory” for Syrian forces. CTV News

Published: 30 Mar 2016

What’s wrong with giving cold meds to your toddler?

Op-ed by Dr. Mitch Shulman, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Surgery. The Suburban

Published: 30 Mar 2016

Justice delayed better than justice denied

Karadzic verdict: Op-ed by Payam Akhavan, professor of international law. The Globe and Mail

Published: 30 Mar 2016

Canada is back — and desperate to be liked at the UN

Column by William Watson, professor of economics. Calgary Herald

Published: 29 Mar 2016

Ban plastic bags? It's not so simple

Column by Joe Schwarcz, director of Office for Science & Society​. Montreal Gazette

Published: 29 Mar 2016

Indigenous languages go under the microscope

“When I hear the language, it immediately brings me back home,” said Janine Metallic, a PhD student at McGill University. “The way we tell jokes, the way we tell stories, there’s a whole world view embedded in those words. It’s a different reflection of the world.” Montreal Gazette

Published: 29 Mar 2016

Marie-Claire Kirkland-Casgrain

The first woman elected to the Legislative Assembly of Quebec and first female judge in Quebec, grad Marie-Claire Kirkland-Casgrain (CM, CQ)  (BA'47, BCL'50, LLD'97) has died. She was 91 years old.

Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard has announced that Kirkland-Casgrain will receive a national funeral. 

Published: 24 Mar 2016

Le Prix Masoud Farzaneh 2016

Le Prix Masoud Farzaneh 2016 est décerné à la professeure Ghyslaine McClure de l’Université McGill​. UQAC

Published: 24 Mar 2016

Transcript: The downsides of power

This Is Karl Moore of the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University with Talking Management for The Globe and Mail. Today I am delighted to sit down with Columbia Business School professor Adam Galinsky.​ The Globe and Mail

Published: 24 Mar 2016

Canadians, Trump's candidacy is no reason to panic

Op-ed by Gil Troy, professor of history. Montreal Gazette

Published: 24 Mar 2016

Vivre avec une Corée du Nord nucléarisée?

Cela annoncerait-il la fin maintes fois prédite du régime des Kim? Réponse de Jean-François Bélanger, doctorant à l’Université McGill et chercheur boursier au CERIUM.​ Le Devoir

Published: 23 Mar 2016

Canada's campaign for a UN Security Council seat

Op-ed by William Watson, professor of economics. Montreal Gazette

Published: 23 Mar 2016

Why the NDP needs to keep Mulcair’s hand on the tiller

Op-ed by Charles Taylor, professor emeritus of philosophy​. The Globe and Mail

Published: 23 Mar 2016