Montreal Gazette - Cyclists clog Montreal bike lanes


…The sheer number of cyclists using the most popular paths daily has experts calling for measures to curb a problem that many of us took to our bikes to avoid: congestion.

"We are reaching capacity on a lot of these facilities," said Luis Miranda-Moreno, assistant professor at McGill University's Department of Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics. Miranda-Moreno was part of a team of researchers from McGill, Harvard School of Public Health and Montreal's Public Health department who recently presented a study at a road safety conference in Halifax, N.S., that tried to compare cyclist injury risk on bike paths and bike lanes to streets with no special cycling facilities…

The study concluded that cyclists are safer on streets with bike paths or lanes than on comparable streets without these facilities, but could not determine whether physically separate bike paths or painted lanes are safer. But among the more startling statistics in that study were the average daily bicycle volumes on some of Montreal's more popular path segments.