The Mark News: Canada must compete where the world economy is heading


(Karl Moore, Desautels Faculty of Management): Innovation is the lifeblood of today’s global economy. What used to take five years to be adopted in advanced economies now takes two or three. New ideas are sourced in many countries, spread faster, and die a quicker death. All this puts greater pressure on Canada to be a critical source of innovation if we want to retain our standard of living. It is too easy for us to sit back and enjoy being an energy- and resource-rich country. Yet this will not allow young Canadians to play in the big leagues of where the world economy is heading. We have had some notable success stories: RIM, Bombardier, CAE, and Nortel in its day, yet there are two areas where we must do better… (First of a three-part series, six conservative thinkers suggest one idea each for how the Conservative Party can break Canada's political gridlock and reengage the electorate).