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Mères porteuses: Québec doit agir rapidement

Article d’opinion par Robert Leckey, Directeur du centre Paul-André Crépeau de droit privé et comparé. La Presse

Published: 27Jan2016

Chronic pain changes our immune systems

By Cynthia Lee


Chronic pain may reprogram the way genes work in the immune system, according to a new study by McGill University researchers published in the journal Scientific Reports.  

Published: 28Jan2016

Zika Virus

"A new virus invading parts of Central and South America and now the Caribbean is causing concern among people living in and travelling to infected countries. Transmitted by the aggressive Aedes mosquito, the Zika virus has spread to at least 23 countries and will likely infect tens of millions of people in a few short years." (CTV News)

Published: 27Jan2016

TransCanada Corp.’s Energy East pipeline

"Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the new federal government wants to oversee a full and fair national debate over controversial energy issues such as pipelines and will act as a “responsible mediator.”" (Source: The Globe and Mail)

Published: 26Jan2016

Canada discriminates against children on reserves

"The federal government discriminates against First Nation children on reserves by failing to provide the same level of child welfare services that exist elsewhere, the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal has ruled." (Source: CBC)

Published: 26Jan2016

McGill Tradition: Ice Building project on campus

Professor Pieter Sijpkes’ students in the “Philosophy of Structures” course are building a catenary dome made out of snow and ice on the McGill campus.

He has been doing ice construction experiments on the McGill Campus since he was a student in Architecture in 1972.

Published: 25Jan2016

Loto-Québec taking bets on U.S. presidential race

"Loto-Québec is now taking bets on the U.S. presidential race." (Source: CBC)

Published: 25Jan2016

Concert du Rémi Bolduc Jazz Ensemble à Saint-Albert

Rémi Bolduc est un jazzman reconnu au pays qui a collaboré avec Vic Vogel et Bernard Primeau entre autres. Professeur à l'Université McGill à Montréal, il connaît bien l'Alberta pour y avoir joué et enseigné. Michel Charron lui a parlé. Radio-Canada

Published: 25Jan2016

McGill's Nancy Low on stigma

Video with Nancy Low, assistant professor of psychiatry. CTV News Montreal

Published: 25Jan2016

What you need to know to write a Best Seller

Professor Andrew Piper on what you need to know to write a Best Seller. It's a question many authors likely ask themselves: "what will make my book a best seller?" Unfortunately, for fiction writers wanting to make a living off their work, there hasn't been a set formula or list of rules to follow... until now. CBC News

Published: 25Jan2016