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Why Measuring Environmental Performance Matters

Op-ed by Kim Samuel of the Institute for the Study of International Development. Huffington Post

Published: 1Feb2016

A win for First Nations children, but what's next?

Op-ed by Vandna Sinha, assistant professor, Ashleigh Delaye, master’s student and Nico Trocmé, director of the School of Social Work. Montreal Gazette

Published: 1Feb2016

Location may be key to effectively controlling pain

By Cynthia Lee


In real estate, location is key. It now seems the same concept holds true when it comes to stopping pain. New research published in Nature Communications indicates that the location of receptors that transmit pain signals is important in how big or small a pain signal will be -- and therefore how effectively drugs can block those signals.

Published: 3Feb2016

2016 US Presidential Race

"On Monday, Iowa will kick off the 2016 race for the White House, a contest in which two fiery, fringe candidates from the left and right have hijacked the national imagination and undercut the political establishment." (Source: The Globe and Mail)

Published: 1Feb2016

Japan adopts negative interest rate

"In a surprise move, the Bank of Japan has introduced a negative interest rate. The benchmark rate of -0.1% means that commercial banks will be charged by the central bank for some deposits." (Source: BBC)

Published: 29Jan2016

Dr. Audrey Dangoumau winner of the Tony Proudfoot Fellowship

The Tony Proudfoot Training Fellowship in ALS research at the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital supports promising young scientists at the master’s, doctoral and post-doctoral level who wish to undertake research projects that specifically focus on ALS.

This year, the winner of the Tony Proudfoot Fellowship is Dr. Audrey Dangoumau.  Audrey recently completed her PhD thesis under the supervision of Pr. Patrick Vourc’h at the University of Tours, in France. Her PhD research revealed the importance of SUMOylation in the formation of aggregates with SOD1 mutation.

Published: 29Jan2016

Des révélations contredisent Péladeau

 « C’est à cause de la loi du Canada et du Québec, qui n’oblige pas les compagnies à rendre publiques les informations sur leur structure [d’affaires] et sur la circulation de leurs revenus », a justifié Allison Christians, professeure en droit fiscal à l’Université McGill. Le Devoir

Published: 29Jan2016

Robert Leckey on Senate Reform

Homerun's Sue Smith speaks to McGill constitutional professor, Robert Leckey, about how the parties propose to "fix" the senate... or not. CBC Homerun

Published: 29Jan2016