The Right Chemistry: Emil Fischer was one of the world's great chemists

Published: 2Oct2017

Column by Joe Schwarcz, director of McGill University’s Office for Science & Society...

Open House on Campus Planning initiatives


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Opinion: Anti-Semitism in Germany

Published: 29Sep2017

Op-ed by Noam Schimmel, associate fellow at the Center for Human Rights and Legal Pluralism, McGill Faculty of Law...

Democratic Exclusions: Political Identity and the Problem of Secularism

Published: 28Sep2017

Op-ed by Charles Taylor, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at McGill University and one of the world's most celebrated living philosophers. 

Chinese alumnus pledges $12 million to McGill School of Architecture

Published: 27Sep2017

A prominent Chinese architect who studied at McGill University 27 years ago is donating $12 million to the School of Architecture, a landmark gift the university says will transform teaching and...

Unlocking some of the mystery of autism: early indications

Published: 26Sep2017

We’re still a long way from understanding the causes of autism, but new research has shown some brain developmental issues even as early as 6-12 months in a baby, can be related to autism symptoms...

Experts: New U.S. Travel Ban Order

Published: 25Sep2017

“President Trump on Sunday issued a new order indefinitely banning almost all travel to the United States from seven countries, including most of the nations covered by his original travel ban,...