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Schulich Masterclass: Ian Bousfield, trombone

20 Nov 2014 20:00

Ian Bousfield, Principal Trombone, Vienna Philharmonic (Catherine Thornhill Steele Artist)

Allegra Chamber Music

20 Nov 2014 20:00

McGill Noon-Hour Organ Recital Series

21 Nov 2014 12:30

Hans-Ola Ericsson, coordinator

McGill Contemporary Music Ensemble: Guillaume Bourgogne, artistic director

21 Nov 2014 19:30

Portraits and Tributes

Casey Granofsky, flute

Angela Musliner, soprano

Neva Lyn-Kew, mezzo-soprano

Sokolovic: Le jeu des portaits

Stravinsky: 3 Japanese Lyrics & 2 Poems by Balmont

Boulez: Mémoriale

Varèse: Density 21.5

Lunsqui: Drawings for Iberê

Soden: World Premier

Master's Recital: Drew Comstock, cello

21 Nov 2014 20:00

Class of Brian Manker

Voice Concert: Class of Joanne Kolomyjec

22 Nov 2014 17:00

Class of Joanne Kolomyjec

Guitar Class Concert

22 Nov 2014 20:00

Class of Gary Antonio

McGill Chamber Music Ensembles

23 Nov 2014 17:00

Douglas McNabney, coordinator

McGill Vocal Quick Study

23 Nov 2014 20:00

Valerie Kinslow, coordinator

McGill Chamber Music Ensembles

23 Nov 2014 20:00

Douglas McNabney, coordinator

Montreal Bach Festival: Pentaèdre

24 Nov 2014 19:30

Works by Mozart, Champagne, Brahms, and Bach

Presented by the Montréal Bach Festival

McGill Chamber Music Ensembles

25 Nov 2014 17:00

Douglas McNabney, coordinator

McGill Wind Symphony: Alain Cazes, artistic director

25 Nov 2014 19:30

McGill Projects Revisited

Shawn Mativetsky, tabla

Sarah Albu, soprano

Suzu Enns, clarinet

Groven: Gost in the Machine

MacDonald: Concerto for Tabla

Adamcyk: Balbuzard

Nickel: Whole Beauty Now Lies in Memory

Grahl: Urquitaqtuq