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Research and Graduate Studies

The Faculty of Medicine of McGill University conducts world class innovative research at a number of locations on Campus and in the affiliated Research Institutes of the McGill University Health Centre, the Douglas Hospital, and Sir Mortimer Davis Jewish General Hospital and our papers are cited more often than those from any other Canadian University. Our Faculty consists of over 2000 Investigators, 1100 Graduate Students, 600 Postdoctoral Fellows and 800 Residents.

Our mandate at the Faculty Research Office is to:

  • Recruit and support top quality faculty and graduate students
  • Attract and retain world-class research resources
  • Build and support synergies between disciplines and with other Faculties throughout McGill
  • Communicate with government and industry stakeholders to create, maintain and enrich research partnerships
  • Ensure the ethical conduct of research
  • Foster and create research partnerships with other universities in Canada and around the world
  • Profile the extraordinary research talent and world-class programs at McGill.


Assists faculty in finding, obtaining and managing research funding, accessing information about research-related policies and procedures. Assists faculty members in developing proposals for the Canada Foundation for Innovation, Canada Research Chairs, (Genome Canada, and Genome Quebec, William Dawson, James McGill and others), Fonds de la recherche en santé du Québec (FRSQ). Such programs provide funding for personnel, buildings and equipment that are integral to the research enterprise. Identifies sources of international funding, supports applications to international sponsors.

Graduate Studies

Assists Graduate Students in finding and obtaining funding.

Manages competitions for internal studentships and fellowships.

Showcases Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Fellow research and promotes networking.

Acts as an interface between the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Office (GPSO) and the 19 Graduate Program Directors (GPDs) in the Departments/Units/Schools of the Faculty. Oversees an undergraduate student bursary program that provides funding for students in the professional programs (Medicine, P&OT, Nursing and Speech Pathology) to gain experience in basic science and clinical research.

Research Ethics Office (IRB)

The Research Ethics Office (IRB) promotes the highest level of scholarly and ethical conduct in research involving human participants carried out by Faculty, staff and students on campus and/or in more than one of its affiliated hospitals, by:

  • Facilitating the review process through guidance and support to the researchers in the preparation and submission of their proposals;
  • Developing and implementing policies and procedures that ensure research compliance with provincial, national and international guidelines;
  • Promoting education and ongoing training for researchers and IRB members.

Technology Transfer

Facilitates invention disclosures and intellectual property agreements and safeguards the rights of researchers and the university. Connects researchers with business, oversees industrial grants and contracts. Promotes licensing and spin offs of emerging technologies.