CLIC and Hakim Family Innovation Prize

The deadline for the McGill Clinical Innovation Competition and Hakim Family Innovation Prize of $50,000 is fast approaching!

Submit your proposals by February 28, 2018!

Eligibility & criteria

How viruses disarm the immune system

Research from McGill University has uncovered a molecular mechanism that may be a key piece of the puzzle of how viruses that cause chronic infections manage to outsmart their hosts’ immune systems. 

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Canada’s unsung female heroes of life sciences

In an article appearing in The Conversation, McGill’s Dr. John Bergeron looks back at some of Canada’s women life scientists who have been pioneers in providing a foundation of knowledge through the sheer force of their world-class talent —going back more than a century.

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Eczema, an early warning sign for potential mental illness

McGill researchers recently found there is also a strong association between cutaneous allergies and increased externalising behaviours in adolescent girls.

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Study shines new light on our understanding of rare diseases

An international research team led by scientists at the University of Lorraine in France along with McGill University and the RI-MUHC discovered a new cause of a rare condition known as cblC, that they named “epi-cblC”. 

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February is Black History Month

Dr. Myrna Lashley, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and the Quebec English-language spokesperson for Black History Month 2018 reminds us in the Montreal Gazette that black history is not a thing apart but an integral part of Quebec and Canadian history. 

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Ceremony marks beginning of McGill-Kyoto joint Ph.D. program

On Jan. 15, McGill hosted a ceremony marking the creation of the first joint Ph.D. program in medicine between McGill and the University of Kyoto.

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Faculty of Medicine researchers to share in $59M of new funding

Professor Sara Ahmed and Dr. Abbas F. Sadikot are among the six McGillians who will share in $59M of new funding, announced last week by CFI and the Quebec government.

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Google celebrates Penfield

Dr. Wilder Penfield, pioneering neurologist and founder of The Neuro, was celebrated last week in the form of a Google doodle. Learn more about the life of this extraordinary scientist.

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Quebec Science ‘discoveries of the year’ for 2017

Quebec Science magazine recently unveiled its top 10 ‘discoveries of the year’ for 2017 and McGill researchers were involved in three of them.

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Scientists Dr. Martin Richer and Dr. Selena Sagan at McGill University shed new light on immune system response to Zika Virus. 

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