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Shauna Van Praagh

Associate Professor

2001 McGill College Ave
Suite 750, room 2
Montreal, Quebec
Canada H3A 1G1

514-398-6626 [Office]
shauna [dot] vanpraagh [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Email)

Shauna Van Praagh

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Professor Van Praagh teaches in the areas of the law of civil wrongs, common law obligations, social diversity and law, and children and the law. Current research areas include legal education; religion and law; and children in the law of civil wrongs. Her doctoral studies at Columbia University focused on children, families, religious communities, and the state.

Professor Van Praagh clerked for Chief Justice Dickson of the Supreme Court of Canada in 1989-1990. She then taught at Columbia Law School and King’s College London, before coming to McGill in 1993.


J.S.D. degree (Columbia) 2000

LL.M. (Columbia) 1992

LL.B. (Toronto) 1989

B.Sc. (Toronto) 1986


Associate Dean, Graduate studies, McGill Faculty of Law, 2007-2010

Associate Professor, McGill Faculty of Law, 2000-

Assistant Professor, McGill Faculty of Law, 1995-2000

Visiting Assistant Professor, McGill Faculty of Law, 1994-1995

Boulton Fellow, McGill Faculty of Law, 1993-1994

Visiting Scholar, King's College London, 1992-1993

Teaching Associate, Columbia, 1990-1992

Law Clerk to the Rt. Hon. Chief Justice Dickson, Supreme Court of Canada, 1989-1990

Areas of Interest

Teaching: Extracontractual Obligations, Advanced Common Law Obligations, Social Diversity and Law, Children and Law

Research: Children’s Stories and the Law of Civil Wrongs; Religion and Law (Chasidic Law and Life); Legal Education; Governing Diversity through Law