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Departure & arrival checklists

Before you leave to come to Canada, make sure you have the following with you:

  • Your passport
  • A letter from your Canadian Visa Service/Embassy confirming that your work permit has been approved
  • If you are travelling with accompanying dependents, be sure to have the appropriate documents for them as well. For school registration, it is advisable to bring your children’s birth certificates bearing both parents’ names.
  • Evidence of financial support if you are receiving funding from a source outside Canada and (or) McGill University (i.e., confirmation of fellowship from your home country, university, or research organization)
  • Evidence of successful Ph.D./Doctorate degree completion. This should consist of one of the following:
    • an official transcript from your home university (issued to you in a sealed envelope)
    • an original or notarized/certified copy of your Ph.D. diploma or Medical Specialist Diploma/Certificate
    • an original Registrar Statement/original Certificate from the Graduate Studies Office of your home university attesting successful completion of all Ph.D. degree requirements and admission to the Ph.D. degree
  • If required, an authentic notarized/certified official translation, into English or French, of the evidence provided
  • Travel insurance

For additional information on moving to Canada, please refer to International Student Services' information regarding pre-departure.

Upon arrival in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, we advise you to:

  • Go to the Canada Immigration Office to complete all required procedures. The work permit will be issued at a Canadian port-of-entry on the basis of the letter that you received from the Canadian Visa Service/Embassy.
  • Check your work permit carefully and ensure that the name on it corresponds with the way your name is written in your passport and that all other details are accurate. Make sure that McGill University is indicated in the Employer section.
  • Report to the appropriate Department/Academic Research Unit and meet with your research supervisor and/or the Postdoc administrator/coordinator in your Department/Research Unit. They will provide useful information regarding your stay at McGill.
  • Ensure that you have adequate medical coverage for registration, and apply for a Quebec Medicare Card as soon as possible.
  • Apply for a Social Insurance Number, in person and as soon as possible.
  • Hand in a complete postdoctoral registration submission to the Postdoctoral Office.