Winter 2018 Course Lecturer Positions

Department of Economics - Priority Points Lists - up to and including Summer 2017

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Deadline to Apply: Friday, October 20, 2017

The Department of Economics is inviting applications for course lecturers to teach courses in Winter 2018. Please complete the online application form and upload required documents such as your Curriculum Vitae and Work/Study Permit. A letter outlining teaching experience and areas of specialization and a brief course outline are optional.

Teaching Qualification Requirements

  • Doctoral level study in Economics, including completed comprehensive examinations for the PhD, or completed PhD degree in Economics;
  • Evidence of highly effective teaching ability or of superior communications skills and potential for teaching excellence;
  • The candidate's area of specialization should be as close as possible to that of the course being offered.
  • Experience as a teaching assistant for a course is an asset.


ECON 257D2-001 Economic Statistics – Honours

Stochastic phenomena; probability and frequency distributions, introduction to probability theory. Statistical inference about proportions, means and variances; analysis of variance; nonparametric statistics; index numbers and time series; economic forecasting; regression and correlation analysis; introduction to general linear models, its uses and limitations; uses and misuses of statistics.

Mondays and Wednesdays 01:05 PM-02:25 PM January 8 - April 16, 2018 Location STBIO N2/2

ECON 406-001 Topics in Economic Policy

Selected policy issues are investigated using economic theory. For details on topics covered in the current year, consult the instructor.

Fridays 02:35 PM-05:25 PM January 8 - April 16, 2018, Location LEA 14

ECON 409-001 Public Sector Economics 2

Theoretical and empirical economic analysis of the public sector with an emphasis on taxation. Study of Canadian institutions in international perspective.

Tuesdays and Thursdays 08:35 AM-09:55 AM January 8 - April 16, 2018, Location BURN 1B39

Salary: $8,220 per course

Union Membership Form (Must be completed by first-time course lecturers)

For any questions, please contact Judy Dear, Area Manager, HR & Operations at judy.dear [at] ().