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Undergraduate Programs in Classics and Ancient History

Classical Studies offers an in-depth study of the languages, literature, history and culture of ancient Greece and Rome. Undergraduates may select from a wide range of Classics (CLAS) and History (HIST) courses offered by the Department of Historty and Classical Studies. In addition, several courses in related disciplines in the Faculty of Arts (Philosophy, English, Art History, and more) can be counted toward a Classics program. 


Students may complete one of the four undergraduate programs (Minor, Major, Honors, Joint Honors Concentration) in Classics. The Minor and Major concentrations provide a useful complement for students in the arts and sciences. Two separate streams allow students to put emphasis either on the ancient languages or on a the culture of the ancient Mediterranean. The Joint Honors and Honors degrees are designed to train students who wish to make Classics a basis for academic careers. They also offer students the prospect of favorable consideration for graduate and other professional schools.

All Classics degree options require students to choose courses from one or more of the following thematic areas:

• Classical Languages
• Classical Literature
• Ancient History
• Philosophy, Religion and Science
• Modern Greek

A complete list of courses within each thematic area, including courses offered in other departments that may be counted toward your Classics program, is available through the university eCalendar.


Undergraduates who wish to study ancient history may complete one of the undergraduate programs in History offered in the Department of History and Classical Studies (Minor Concentration, Major Concentration, Joint Honors, Honors), using courses in ancient Greek and/or Roman history to fulfill program requirements. Students are encouraged to take courses in both Greek and Roman history. In addition, students who are considering graduate studies in ancient history are also strongly encouraged to take ancient Greek and Latin language courses.