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Professors and Full-Time Teaching Staff

Anastassios Anastassiadis
Assistant Professor of History
Phrixos B. Papachristidis Chair of Modern Greek Studies
Leacock 827

Undergraduate Programs in Classics and Ancient History

Classical Studies offers an in-depth study of the languages, literature, history and culture of ancient Greece and Rome. Undergraduates may select from a wide range of Classics (CLAS) and History (HIST) courses offered by the Department of Historty and Classical Studies. In addition, several courses in related disciplines in the Faculty of Arts (Philosophy, English, Art History, and more) can be counted toward a Classics program.

Classical Studies

Welcome to Classical Studies at McGill!

Classical Studies at McGill is a boutique program in the best sense. We offer challenging undergraduate and graduate degree options in Classics and Ancient History, taught by high profile professors who emphasize inquiry based learning and close academic interaction with their students. Advanced undergraduate and graduate students regularly participate in professional research operations. Academic excellence in training is also reflected in a very strong student exit record. Read more here.

Student Awards

Undergraduate Awards

Charles Alexander Scholarship (Value: $ 1,200)

Established in 1870 for the encouragement of the study of Classics and other subjects.

Dr. James Barclay Scholarship (Value: $ 900)

Awarded to a student in Classics.