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2017 Accounting Recruitment Campaign

16 Aug 2017
20 Sep 2017

All Cont. Studies students who want to participate in the Accounting Recruitment must be registered with CaPS for the Fall 2017 session by paying the $70 CaPS fee plus applicable taxes in person at the CaPS office (Brown Bldg, 3600 McTavish St., Room 2200) in order to participate in the September campaign. The CaPS fee entitles you to all activities, workshops and specialized programs provided by CaPS....

2017-2018 On-Campus Recruitment

18 Aug 2017
10 Dec 2017

Are you looking for a job in the Federal or Provincial Government, Consulting, Financial Institutions, Engineering or Information Technology?...

Organize your Academic Job Search

24 Aug 2017 15:00

If you are a PhD or post-doc planning to apply to academic positions during the 2017-18 hiring cycle, CaPS can help! This workshop will introduce you to the basics of the academic hiring process and help you understand what the typical components of an academic job application are. We’ll cover tools and resources to make the application process more efficient....

Data Science Careers Presentation /Internship Offer/TD Insurance

28 Aug 2017 10:00

Interested in Data Science careers? Want to know more about analytical job opportunities and how your quantitative skills can get you there? Come to this talk by Marie-Christine Doucas, M.Sc. Statistics and Oscar Quijano Xacur, M.Sc. Mathematics from TD Insurance and learn more about the career and their new internship programs!


C Lounge

5 Sep 2017
29 Sep 2017

What allows you to speak face-to-face with an advisor without an appointment provides you with answers to all your questions and travels around campus? It’s CaPS’ C-Lounge. ...

CaPS Workshop for Undergrads: Write your Way to the Right Job: CVs and Cover Letters

12 Sep 2017 10:00

This workshop will help you to understand the various elements of a CV (resume) and discuss how to compose a customized application that highlights relevant skills to an employer. You will also learn how to craft a concise and convincing cover letter.


CaPS Workshop for Undergrads: LinkedIn Profile Workshop

18 Sep 2017 14:00

This workshop will focus on the practical aspects of building a LinkedIn profile using the new interface. You will be walked through the steps on how to enhance your page and will discuss what relevant elements to include. In addition, you will receive some tips & tricks when it comes to job search strategies and building your LinkedIn network.

*** Bring your laptops so that you can work on your profile during the workshop.


CaPS Workshop for Undergrads: Make the most of the Career Fair

21 Sep 2017 10:00

Attending career fairs can be a key component of a job search strategy. Having a plan in place will help you make the most of your career fair experience. This workshop will help you determine how to prepare beforehand and provide concrete tips on interacting with recruiters. We'll also cover what to do after the fair so that you can turn your conversations into lasting contacts. By attending this workshop, students will be able to:...

Macdonald Campus Career Fair

26 Sep 2017 10:00
McGill University's Career Planning Service (CaPS) and the Bieler Family Internship o­ffice proudly invite you to McGill University's Macdonald Campus Career Fair


This fair is targeted to organizations in the following industry sectors:


CaPS Workshop for Undergrads: Business Etiquette for Job Seekers

3 Oct 2017 10:00

What does it mean to behave "professionally"? Understanding expectations around behavior, dress, and etiquette in situations such as interviews, business lunches, and your first day on the job is an important tool for success. This workshop will identify common etiquette mistakes in key situations during the hiring process and after you've secured the job. We'll also provide concrete tips on dress, body language, and behavior so that you project the best possible impression of yourself....

CaPS Workshop for Grads: Internships & Networking Tools and Tips

10 Oct 2017 10:00

For Non-thesis MSc: IWRM, IFB, Env E, Food Safety, Food Science


CaPS Workshop for Undergrads: All About Interviewing

16 Oct 2017 14:00

We will discuss what to do before, during and after a job interview. Find out what is involved in interview preparation, what kinds of questions to anticipate, how to construct answers highlighting your relevant skills and experiences, how to communicate effectively (verbal and non-verbal), and what to do after the interview. By attending this workshop, students will be able to:...

CaPS Workshop for Undergrads: How to find a Job

19 Oct 2017 10:00

Looking for a job or internship? Start here! This popular workshop provides an overview of key job-search strategies, followed by an in-depth look at networking as the most effective job search approach. As many people are reluctant to network, the workshop will examine why networking works, and discuss how to talk to strangers and overcome networking discomfort. By attending this workshop, students will be able to:...

CaPS Workshop for Grads: CV Writing and Interviewing Skills

24 Oct 2017 10:00

For Non-thesis MSc: IWRM, IFB, Env E, Food Safety, Food Science...

CaPS Workshop for Undergrads: Grad School-Making the Decision & Tackling the Application

26 Oct 2017 10:00

Applying to grad school is a big decision, and once your grad school applications are underway, all kinds of questions can come up. This session will give you a comprehensive look at what questions to take into account before applying to grad school so that you can make an informed decision. We'll also cover typical application procedures and the expectations around them, as well as tips and tricks, including how to ask for reference letters and how to find a supervisor.



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