Summer 2010

Collaboration and Outreach

After spending the past two summers developing exciting science activities the WOW Lab project was ready to fully incorporate the science activities into 3-D teaching technologies. In order to accomplish this task the WOW Lab team participated in many science public outreach activities and worked closely with local school boards. We hosted "WOWshops" for both elementary and secondary teachers and held a six week science residency at a Montreal elementary school. Our team presented 12 WOW Lab Blueprints during two "WOWshops" at the inaugural MaST MELS Science Symposium for Secondary Science Teachers.

A New Website

A website was developed by the WOW team for the disseminatation of the WOW Lab Blueprints.  The website format allows for the inclusion of animated teaching aids which provide visual tools for abstract topics.

A Completed Blueprint

There was of course the continued process of re-engineering the existing WOW Lab science activities and the creation of new projects.  One of the new projects went from conception to completion over the summer.  The Rainbow in a Bottle Blueprint completed all research stages after thorough testing from a couple of tough young scientists. 

Rainbow in a Bottle

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