Summer 2011


Development and Refinement

Over the summer, the WOW Lab team re-engineered a number of activities that had been developed in previous summers and earlier in the year. We developed a number of new videos and animations to breathe life and excitement into science learning. Our innovative multimedia technologies were used in teacher candidate workshops at Queen's University and here at McGill, where prospective teachers had an opportunity to play with WOW Lab blueprint activities. We also participated in the 2011 STEM Symposium for elementary levels.

A Bilingual and Teacher-Friendly Website

The WOW Lab's blueprint website was designed to disseminate the exciting learning activities that we developed. This summer, the site was expanded and refined to make it more teacher-friendly and has also been translated into French.

Alignment with Nationwide learning objectives

The WOW Lab's blueprint activities have been closely aligned with specific learning objectives outlined by Canada's common framework of science learning outcomes. We hope that our blueprints will assist teachers in helping their students achieve a comprehensive understanding of key grade-level concepts identified by Canadian leaders in science education.

A New Activity: Classroom Science Investigation

Students become CSI's and use sophisticated science to solve a crime. The project highlights problem-solving techniques and student cooperation.

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