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The WOW Lab, a novel initiative in elementary and high school level science education, was launched at McGill on Monday, September 17, 2007, with a ceremony to thank Imperial Oil for its generous donation.

About Us

The WOW Lab Science Education R&D project is a joint initiative between the Faculties of Science and Education at McGill University and was initially founded by Dr. Brian Alters. The WOW Lab consists of professors, graduate students, and undergraduate students from these faculties, all working in their own areas of expertise to produce the highest calibre work. As prototypes take shape, we will engage with numerous future teachers here at McGill and with current teachers and partner groups across Canada, to assess these new teaching technologies in the classroom.

Project Goals

We aim to develop three-dimensional science and math teaching technologies to enable schoolteachers to teach science with the highest levels of student excitement, amazement and amusement, resulting in higher motivation, interest and increased learning.

At the completion of our five-year mandate, we will be able to provide Canadian elementary and high school teachers with detailed "blueprints" of how to create these novel activities to optimally engage students in science and math classes.

The Maglev Train

This mesmerizing demonstration introduces students to superconductors, the Meissner effect and magnetic levitation.

  • Learn more about the Maglev train here.
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