Rights and Reproductions Request Form

If you are filming on the McGill campus or publishing photographs of the campus, you may be reproducing artworks that are copyrighted. The Visual Arts Collection staff can assist you in obtaining the reproduction rights you need to proceed.

Please fill out this webform if you would like to reproduce an artwork that belongs to the collection (or one of the images on this website), as they are proprietary to the McGill Visual Arts Collection or its licensors.

This webform allows for the request of up to three artwork reproductions, please carefully fill out each section for all requests you are making. If you are only requesting to reproduce 1 artwork, you may fill in the project information requested below and 1st request section on the following page, leaving the rest blank. If you would like to request to reproduce more than three works, please contact the VAC directly at vacollection.library [at] mcgill.ca 

1 Start 2 Request 1 3 Request 2 4 Request 3 5 Internal use 6 Complete
Please enter a valid email address and name
Please select the option that best describes your project.
Please provide a title and a short description for the project within which the VAC work will appear.
Please enter the language(s) of the project within which the VAC work will appear.
Please enter the print run for a text publication. If undetermined, please write "undetermined."
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