Welcome from Dean Fellows

Congratulations! We are proud and delighted to welcome you to the McGill Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences community. You are here on the strength of your potential to become outstanding doctors. Given the competitiveness of McGill and its medical school, this is a major milestone.

You are embarking on an incredible adventure and a unique path, unlike any other educational experience. You are now part of a profession that society reserves for only a small number of people. You will be entrusted with their lives, their pain, their victories, their wellbeing. It is a huge responsibility.

As such, you will be subject to new expectations, specific to the profession and emerging health professionals. You will be expected to aspire to an even higher level of performance and behaviour. Medical school, you will learn, is not about you but rather those you will serve, the individuals, families and societies. This is our social responsibility, as doctors, to heal and serve.

The MDCM program you are entering – Patient at heart, Science in hand – is also outstanding and built on a long tradition of excellence. The Faculty has produced countless internationally recognized leaders throughout its history, and it continues to attract the best students. Your curriculum has been carefully put together, in a structured and deliberate way, based on best pedagogical practices, with a focus on you, the learner, and patients’ needs. That being said, we welcome your feedback! We are continuously improving it as needs evolve and change.

You have come to a special place, medical school, one that will open doors for you as a McGill graduate wherever you go. We are confident you have what it takes to rise to the expectations of this profession. We know you will develop the skills, become great doctors, physician scientists, teachers, administrators, policymakers, whatever you aspire to be, who will make McGill and its medicine alumni community around the world proud.

I wish you all the greatest success and an incredible journey.

Lesley Fellows, MDCM, DPhil
Vice Principal (Health Affairs) &
Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
McGill University

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