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Grand opening of the Campus in August 2020

Students interested in becoming a physician are now able to complete their four-year undergraduate medical education in French at the McGill University Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences’ Campus Outaouais in Gatineau. This is in addition to the McGill residency programs and clerkships already offered in French in the region. The Campus Outaouais project is a partnership between McGill and the Centre intégré de santé et services sociaux (CISSS) de l’Outaouais.

The Campus Outaouais: makings of a close-knit community

McGill will admit 24 students annually to its MDCM Program in Outaouais for a total student body of 96 undergraduates over the course of the four-year program. The campus’s small cohort of students will foster a strong community and will give students an opportunity to establish close ties with their peers, members of the faculty, patients and the region.

A peek inside the campus

Two floors are being added to the Emergency Department of the CISSS de l’Outaouais’ Gatineau Hospital. One floor will be the new home of the Groupe de médecine familiale universitaire (GMF-U) de Gatineau and the other will house the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences’ teaching facilities, including a high-tech simulation centre.

  • Number of classrooms: 10 (4 rooms when opened form the amphitheatre), 2 debriefing rooms

  • Amphitheatre and conference rooms: 250-seat amphitheatre, 2 conference rooms

  • Student Café: dining area and lounge

  • Simulation centre: 2 simulation rooms (equipped with various simulation mannequins)An anatomy laboratory









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