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Ice melting

As the ice melts


Can you identify this disease?

Dr. J.D. MacLean

Dr. J. D. MacLean

McGill Global Health Programs

Our team in the news

Dr. Makeda Semret was recently profiled by The Lancet Infectious Diseases. Learn more about Dr. Semret's journey in connecting two worlds in antimicrobial resistance.


Congratulations to Dr. Selim Rashed who was bestowed the Prix d’excellence Carrière lifetime achievement award from the Department of Pediatrics of the Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital for 2022!

In other news

Two components of the energize blood culture system, one uses optical turbidity, the other uses microfluidic channels and an automated optical detection box

ENERGISE: nExt-geNEration Rapid phenotypic bacterioloGy dIagnostics for low -reSource and rEmote settings. Cedric Yansouni (Tropical Diseases) and Sara Mahshid (Bioengineering) awarded $380,000 from the Fonds de Recherche du Quebec 2024-2027 for work with Dao Nguyen (McGill AMR Centre) and Belgian colleagues to develop a modular bacteriology system for low resource settings.

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