Abdel Hamid Afana, PhD.

Selected Publications

Kirmayer, L. J., Kienzler, H., Afana, A., & Pedersen, D. (in press). Trauma and Disasters in Social and Cultural Context. In D. Bhugra & C. Morgan (Eds.), Principles of Social Psychiatry (2 ed.).New York: Wiley-Blackwell.

Afana, A., Pedersen, D., Kirmayer, L.J., & Ronsbo, H. (in press). "Endurance is to be shown at the first blow": Social representations and reactions to traumatic experiences in the Gaza strip. Traumatology.

Afana, A. (2007). Interview with Dr. Abdel Hamid Afana. International Review of the Red Cross, 89(867), 505-514.

Afana, A. (2006). Mental Health Situation for Palestinians. In Judy Kuriansky (Ed.), Terror in the Holy Land: Inside the Anguish of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (pp. 31-42). Westport, CT: Praeger Publishers.

Afana, A., Lawler, J., & El Sarraj, E. (2005). Gender and Other Predictors of Anxiety and Depression in a Sample of People Visiting Primary Care Clinics in area of Political Conflict: Gaza Strip. RAHAT Medical Journal 2(1), 81-92.

Afana, A., Samir, Q., & El Sarraj, E. (2004). Mental Health Needs in Palestine. Humanitarian Exchange 28, 28-30.

Afana, A. (2003). Studies of Mental Disorders in Primary Health Care in the Gaza Strip: Prevalence, Detection and Attitude of Staff. Unipub AS. Oslo, Norway.

Afana, A. (2003). A Model for Community Care in Gaza: Conclusions drawn from a community-based approach to mental health care in Gaza. Palestine-Israel Journal 10(4),1-6.

Afana, A., Neda, T. (2003). The assessment of Mental Disorders in Primary Health Care Clinics in the Gaza Strip. Journal Primary Health Care Research and Development 4(3), 267-274.

Afana, A., Dalgard, O.S., Bjertness, E., & Grunfeld, B. (2002). The ability of general practitioners to detect mental disorders among primary care patients in a stressful environment: Gaza Strip. Journal of Public Health Medicine 24(4), 326-331.

Afana, A., Dalgard, O.S., Bjertness, E., Grunfeld, B., & Hauff, E. (2002). The Prevalence and Associated Socio-demographic Variables of Posttraumatic Stress Disorders among Patients attending Primary Health Care Centers in the Gaza Strip. Journal of Refugees Studies 15(3), 283-295.

Afana, A., Dalgard, O.S., Bjertness, E., Grunfeld, B. (2000). The attitude of Palestinian Primary Health Care Professionals in the Gaza Strip towards mental illness. The Egyptian Journal of Psychiatry 23, 101-111.

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