TGH Projects in Peru

Our research


The Trauma & Global Health Program’s Peruvian team is focusing on four priority research areas:

  • Development of screening protocols (clinical and epidemiological) for trauma-related disorders, alcohol abuse and dependency, and violence against women
  • Development and evaluation of community-based interventions for adults (men and women) and children among Quechua-speaking populations exposed to organised violence
  • Gender-specific strategies for healing and coping with mental illness
  • Mental health assessment of rural/urban populations exposed to organised violence and/or natural disasters


Where we work


In Peru, the most affected areas are in the Southern and Central Andes region. The following areas have been selected for study:

  • Ayacucho: Huanta, Vilcashuaman, and Puquio
  • Huanuco: Huanuco, Red Leoncio
  • Prado, and Tingo Maria Junín: displaced populations in suburban Huancayo, La Merced, Pichiriaki, Satipo and indigenous communities (Ashaninkas)
  • San Martín: Tarapoto, Moyobamba, Huallaga-Saposoa, and Tocachi


Program de Trauma y Salud Global
Bustamante, I. 2010
Una presentación de PowerPoint que resume los objetivos del programa TGH y lo que se ha logrado por el programa de TGH en el Perú.
A powerpoint presentation which summarises the TGH program's aims and what has been achieved by the TGH program in Peru.

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