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Stephanie Loeb

Stephanie Loeb
Contact Information
Email address: 
stephanie.loeb [at]
Civil Engineering
Sustainable Industrial Processes & Manufacturing
Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency
Current research: 

Professor Loeb’s research efforts span the intersection of materials science and environmental engineering, with a particular focus on the removal of chemical and biological contaminants in water using sunlight, engineered light sources, and light-activated nanomaterials. Her recent research has aimed to characterize how sunlight inactivates challenging viruses in the environment. She is also interested in the fabrication and design of novel light-activated nanomaterials for sustainable water disinfection and developing improved methods for detecting and quantifying pathogens in water. Before joining McGill, Stephanie completed a post-doctoral fellowship at Stanford and earned her Ph.D. from Yale in environmental engineering. She completed her bachelor's degree in physics and nanoscience jointly at the University of Toronto and National University of Singapore. 

Areas of interest: 

Environmental Engineering, Nanotechnology, Photonics & Environmental Virology

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