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Jorge Angeles

Jorge Angeles
Contact Information
Email address: 
jorge.angeles [at] mcgill.ca
Associate Member

The research of Jorge Angeles centers on the design and control of large-scale robotic mechanical systems and their individual components, including drives and sensors. A significant aspect of Angele's work involves the development of speed reducers that meet the stringent requirements of robotic and mechatronic applications, focusing on low backlash, minimal friction, and high stiffness. To surpass conventional gears, they are actively exploring the potential of cam-roller transmissions.

In terms of robot design, Angeles places a strong emphasis on ensuring robustness concerning kinetostatic, elastostatic, and elastodynamic performance. His research in the domain of robotic mechanical systems is particularly focused on lower-mobility parallel robots, with a special focus on Schoenflies-motion generators, also known as parallel SCARA systems. Additionally, ongoing research efforts in the field of design theory and methodology are part of their academic pursuits.

Mechanical Engineering
Current research: 
  • Optimum design and control of a two-limb Schoenflies-motion generator
  • Design and modelling of a mechanism for percutaneous mitral valve repair
  • Modelling of rovers on unstructured terrain for planetary exploration
  • Design and control of a robotic system for the construction of ice structures
  • Design of advanced clutches for hybrid vehicles
  • Design and prototyping of a biaxial accelerometer using MEMS technnology
Areas of interest: 

Primary Research Theme : Dynamics and Control
Secondary Research Theme : Design and Manufacturing
Research Group/Lab : Robotic Mechanical Systems Laboratory

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