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Welcome to the Trottier Institute for Sustainability in Engineering and Design (TISED) within the Faculty of Engineering at McGill University. TISED promotes bold and green ideas through education, outreach, and research, where we aim to connect our institution with the public for a greater understanding and appreciation of sustainability issues in our society. 

Sustainability challenges that society faces are immense. They hold both threat and promise, and demand that extraordinary action be taken to achieve scientific breakthroughs that will help secure our—and our children’s—future. Engineering, architecture and urban planning professionals play key roles in addressing these questions through their involvement in everything from sustainable development and aerospace industry success, to manufacturing sector renewal, improving infrastructure and the electrification of public transit.

We aim to advance public policy in the area of sustainable engineering and design, informing and educating students, decision-makers and the public about sustainability issues. By focusing the attention of stakeholders on the relevance of sustainable engineering and design to our lives and promoting informed discussion, we strive to provide leadership in the area of sustainability, particularly in energy, manufacturing, information technology and computing, aviation, and sustainable urban transport and urban development.

TISED est un institut de recherche innovant qui propose des idées nouvelles dans les domaines du génie et du design durables. TISED met sur pied des forums et promeut la réflexion sur la façon dont les manufacturiers, les transports, la technologie de l’information, l’architecture et l’urbanisme peuvent être à la fois plus écologiques et efficaces. Les chercheurs, les étudiants et les partenaires de la Faculté de génie de l’Université McGill mettent en œuvre des mesures audacieuses en matière de formation et de sensibilisation pour influencer les politiques publiques, repousser les limites de la recherche et construire ainsi un monde durable.