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"I truly enjoyed my experience. I acquired skills in putting together presentations, presenting in front of an audience (either the general public or science-based crowds), getting my message across without jargon, and speaking without relying on notes. SEDTalks! provided a great platform for me to step into the world of public speaking. After SEDTalks!, I am really confident about doing impromptu presentations. SEDTalks! is also a great way to showcase my research by directing people to the YouTube link of my presentation during the SEDTalks! event." - ChangeMaker

"What I liked about SEDTalks! the most is that it provides training sessions on both presentation and networking skills. Since my participation in the SEDTalks! program, my presentation skills have been improved significantly. SEDTalks! provided me with opportunities to share ideas with people from different fields, which then led to collaboration opportunities. And the presentation skills training I received now helps me to attract a larger audience at conferences." - ChangeMaker

"SEDTalks taught me how to communicate effectively and deliver a meaningful presentation. I learned how to present technical stuff to a non-technical audience. I improved my communication and presentation skills - which will be useful when I attend conferences and defend my thesis!" - SEDTalk participant

"I definitely got a lot out of the SEDTalks program because it focused specifically on giving engineering talks - unlike most other programs at McGill. I learned to simplify a presentation without dumbing it down and received useful and specific feedback." - SEDTalk participant

"At the SEDTalk event, I had the opportunity to meet and network with some industry members in the audience that were really interested in my work. In fact, they asked me to stay in touch for a potential job after I graduate! I have since used what I learned to give more seminars after SEDTalks and received really good feedback - I know my SEDTalks training helped!" - ChangeMaker

"I signed up for SEDTalks because I wanted to improve my communication skills and learn how to convey my ideas to a broader audience, including industry professionals and researchers in many different fields. The workshops and the feedback I received were really helpful, and helped me polish my presentation step by step, learning throughout the program. Participating in SEDTalks was an opportunity to see my own research from a different angle, also made me realize the importance of sustainability and how important it is to communicate and collaborate with others in different fields. It was rewarding to share my research and well worth the time." - ChangeMaker

"The program was useful and helped me build my confidence for public speaking. In the future, if I need to give a presentation, I will think of my SEDTalks experience and I will not be afraid anymore. It was an unforgettable experience in my PhD studies!" - ChangeMaker

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