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Cao Changhong

Cao Changhong
Contact Information
Email address: 
changhong.cao [at] mcgill.ca
Full Member
Mechanical Engineering
Sustainable Industrial Processes & Manufacturing
Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency
Current research: 

My research focuses on characterizing the mechanical properties of advanced materials to enhance the sustainabilities of their applications (energy storage in particular) as well as developing sustainable manufacturing processes from the micro-nano level, which fall under TISED's priority areas of renewable energy and energy-efficient as well as sustainable manufacturing.

  • Nanomanufacturing of MEMS devices for materials characterizations¬†in situ¬†electron microscopy
  • Experimental investigations of the mechanics of advanced materials (1D/2D materials)
  • Applications of advanced materials in novel production processes
  • Development of printing technologies (2D/3D)
  • Design and synthesis of advanced materials-based structures
Areas of interest: 

At the intersection of nanotechnology, materials science, mechanics, and manufacturing, my research aims to offer advanced materials-based solutions to challenges in everyday life by developing scalable functional material systems and production processes. Areas of interests include:

  • nanomanufacturing technologies that enable novel characterization and production processes of advanced materials
  • mechanics of contact between solids at micro/nano level
  • structure-property relationships of advanced materials
  • synthesis and assembly processes that translate nanoscale properties to large scale
  • advanced manufacturing technologies that accelerate the transfer of advanced materials-based technologies to the marketplace

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