Status of migration per building/unit

The table below shows buildings/units that have been migrated to the Cisco telephone service. The table below also includes buildings/units that are in progress and upcoming.

Prerequisite: Buildings must be upgraded with McGill's new network infrastructure. See the list of upgraded buildings on the Network Upgrade website.

Note: Buildings will be added to the upcoming list as they are scheduled with the telephony migration project.


In progress

Building/Unit Status Estimated date
Currie Gym In progress TBD
Ludmer Centre In progress TBD
Adams Building In progress TBD
University 3473 (University Hall/Diocesan) In progress TBD
Molson Stadium In progress TBD
Molson Hall In progress TBD
Douglas Hall In progress TBD
Gardner Hall In progress TBD


Building/Unit Status Estimated date
Bishop Mountain Hall Upcoming TBD
McConnell Hall Upcoming TBD


Building/Unit Status Date
IT Services Completed April, 2021
Student Wellness Hub Completed June, 2021
Office of Sponsored Research Completed June, 2021
Student Wellness Hub Completed June, 2021
University Advancement Completed June - September, 2021
Procurement Services Completed July, 2021
School of Social Work Completed July, 2021
Financial Services Completed August 2021
Office for the New Model of Working Completed October, 2021
Family Medicine Completed November, 2021
Office of the Provost and VP Academic Completed December, 2021
Student Services Completed February, 2022
Ingram School of Nursing Completed August, 2022
2001 McGill College Completed September, 2022
Burnside Hall - Campus & Public Safety Completed October, 2022
Burnside Hall - other units Completed November, 2022
Faculty of Education Completed November, 2022
3605 de la Montagne Partially completed December 2022
Facilities Management Ancillary Services (FMAS) at 1010 Sherbrooke Completed February 2023
Faculty of Management Completed March 2023
Faculty of Law Completed March 2023
Laird Hall Completed March 2023
Maass Chemistry Building Completed April 2023
Pulp and Paper Building Completed April 2023
Stewart Biology Building (select units) Completed April 2023
Animal Care Building Completed April 2023
SHHS: Student housing and hospitality services (select units) Completed May 2023
Stewart Biology Building (all units) Completed May 2023
Strathcona Music and Elizabeth Wirth Music Building Completed June 2023
Sherbrooke 680/688 Completed July 2023
McLennan and Redpath Libraries Completed July 2023
Life Sciences Completed August 2023
Royal Victoria College Completed August 2023
Bronfman & Armstrong Completed September 2023
Call pilot voicemail system Completed July - September 2023
Martlet House & Peel 1555 Completed September 2023
McIntyre Medical Completed October 2023
1085 Penfield Completed October 2023
3465 Durocher Completed October 2023
Sherbrooke 550 Completed October 2023
Sherbrooke 1010 Completed October 2023
Brown - Office of Student Services Completed October 2023
La Cité Parc Avenue 3576 Completed October 2023
Carrefour Sherbrooke (REZ) Completed October 2023
La Citadelle (REZ) Completed October 2023
Chancellor Day Hall Completed November 2023
New Residence Hall (REZ) Completed November 2023
Duggan House & Duggan House Annex Completed November 2023
Medical Simulation Centre Completed January 2024
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