Satya Prakash

Satya Prakash
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satya.prakash [at]
Biomedical Engineering
McGill University
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Summary Introduction: Professor for the Biomedical Engineering, he is interested in artificial cell, microbiome, probiotics, microencapsulation, nanomedicine, regenerative medicine, biomaterial and medical device engineering, cell therapy, cell and tissue engineering, and innovative biomedical technology developments. In recent years, his team has contributed to the advancement and development of probiotics for human health, bioengineered delivery systems, targeted controlled-release delivery systems, targeted drug delivery systems and cell delivery systems. 
Specialties: Biomedicine, biomedical engineering, microbiome, microencapsulation, probiotics, artificial cell, drug delivery, nanomedicine, regenreative medicine, nanotechnology, wound healing, medical device, bioengineering.

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