Fackson Mwale

Fackson Mwale
Contact Information
Email address: 
fackson.mwale [at] mcgill.ca
McGill University
Orthopedic Surgery
Basic Sciences
Areas of expertise: 

Dr. Mwale’s lab conducts cutting-edge research on tissue engineering of IVD . The long-term goal is to promote nucleus pulposus repair using growth factors, scaffolds and mesenchymal stem cells in the degenerated IVD. Dr. Mwale’s laboratory is also studying quantitative MRI as a diagnostic tool of IVD matrix composition and integrity. Quantitative MRI can be used as an accurate and non-invasive diagnostic tool in the detection and quantification of matrix composition and material properties of the human IVD and can, therefore, become a very important diagnostic and treatment assessment tool in determining the functional state of the disc. 

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