C Reggie Hamdy

C Reggie Hamdy
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c.hamdy [at] mcgill.ca
McGill University
Orthopedic Surgery
Basic Sciences
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Dr Hamdy is a  Professor of Surgery at McGill University. His research interest is focused on the stimulation of bone formation in cases of distraction osteogenesis, using various animal models (rabbit and mouse). Distraction osteogenesis is a surgical technique used for the replacement of bone loss secondary to trauma, post resection of tumours and infections and also for lengthening bones in cases of limb length discrepancy. It consists of performing an osteotomy of the bone to be lengthened and application of an external fixator, followed by gradual distraction of the bone segments until the necessary length is obtained. The fixator is kept in place until the newly formed bone is consolidated. If we can accelerate the consolidation of this newly formed bone, the fixator can be removed earlier and many of the complications associated with this technique could be avoided.

He has been using various growth factors locally applied to stimulate bone formation at the lengthened site, including BMPs. Methods of assessment include histology, histomorphometry, X-Rays, DEXA, microCT, biomechanical testing, Immunohistochemistry, RT-PCR, micro-arrays. I have started to use knockout mice for various osteogenic genes to further characterize the important genes in distraction osgteogenesis.

Research areas: 
Orthopaedic Surgery
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