Minors for Management Students

Minors for Management Students

The minor programs offered in the Faculties of Arts and Science may be taken in conjunction with any BCom program, unless otherwise indicated by the department. It is recommended that you meet with an appropriate departmental advisor before pursuing a minor.

It is the student's responsibility to make sure that courses taken towards the minor fulfill the minor requirements when doing a Degree Evaluation on Minerva. Students must complete a Desautels Faculty of Management Minor Approval Form listing the courses being applied to the minor and get it signed by the minor advisor in the relevant department, returning the signed form to the BCom Office. Failure to do so may result in the Minor not being granted.

For the Minor in Economics, students must complete 18 credits of material that does not overlap with Management course content. A maximum of 6 credits will be permitted within the BCom program for MGCR 293 and ECON 230D1/D2 or ECON 250D1/D2, and a maximum of 6 for MGCR 295 and ECON 330D1/D2 or ECON 352D1/D2. Students interested in this minor must obtain approval from the BCom Office.

Students considering a Minor in Mathematics, Statistics, or Computer Science must take MATH 133, MATH 140, and MATH 141 and should consult with an advisor in the appropriate department.

Students planning to take the Minor in Statistics are advised to substitute MATH 324 for MGCR 271. That course will then count as 3 credits toward the minor. If the decision to take a minor program is made after MGCR 271 has been taken, students who wish to take MATH 324 will receive three additional credits; however, MATH 324 will only count toward the 18-credit minor requirement. Students should check for overlap between statistics courses with the BCom Student Affairs Office.

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