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PPOL 602 Microeconomics for Public Policy (3 credits)

Offered by: School of Public Policy (Faculty of Arts)

Administered by: Graduate Studies


PPOL : Examines the essential microeconomic principles for analyzing market behaviour and the consequences of government policies. Emphasis is placed on contrasting competitive markets with oligopolistic and monopolistic ones. Examines the case for relatively free markets and the many situations that suggest a case for government intervention.

Terms: Fall 2022

Instructors: Laszlo, Sonia (Fall)

  • Restriction: Only open to students in the Master of Public Policy; Non-Thesis program.

  • Students must be registered in the MPP program or have the permission of the program director and course instructor. Since incoming students are required to have a macroeconomics course, this course concentrates on microeconomic methods.

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