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EPIB 633 Pharmacoepidemiology 1 (2 credits)

Offered by: Epidemiology and Biostatistics (Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences)

Administered by: Graduate Studies


Epidemiology & Biostatistics : This course is an introduction to epidemiological thinking as it applies to the evaluation of the effects of drugs on the health of populations. It is composed of four parts: i) assessment of adverse event reports; ii) basic designs for pharmacoepidemiologic investigations; iii) data gathering in pharmacoepidemiology; iv) introduction to the use of epidemiologic methods for the assessment of benefits and economic impacts of drug.

Terms: Summer 2023

Instructors: Renoux, Christel (Summer)

  • Offered only in Summer Term

  • Due to the intensive nature of this course, the standard add/drop and withdrawal deadlines do not apply. Add/drop is the second lecture day and withdrawal is the fifth lecture day.

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