Registration and Regulations

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Registration and Regulations for the Ingram School of Nursing

Students admitted to the B.Sc.(N.) and B.N. (Integrated) programs are advised to refer to for information on Discover McGill activities.

Official registration through Minerva must be completed by the Orientation Session in August. Students registering late for reasons unrelated to the admission procedure are subject to the late payment and registration fees. See University Regulations & Resources > Undergraduate > Registration for more information.

Returning students are responsible for ensuring that registration is complete as per University timetables (see However, the deadlines for registration to guarantee placement are:

  • for Fall clinical courses: June 15;
  • for Winter clinical courses: November 15;
  • for Summer clinical courses: March 15.

Degree Evaluation

Degree Evaluation

Students are responsible for ensuring that they are taking the required courses as set out in their program of study to meet the degree requirements. Students can check their degree requirements at University Regulations & Resources > Undergraduate > Student Records > Verification of Student Records: Degree Evaluation.

Communication Policy

Communication Policy

Email is the official means of communication between McGill University, the Ingram School of Nursing, and its students. Please consult University Regulations & Resources > Undergraduate > General Policies and Information > Information Technology (IT) Resources > Email Communication.

Students are required to identify themselves with their name and McGill ID number when communicating by email with faculty or staff.

General Course Requirements

General Course Requirements for Nursing

Students are informed at the beginning of any course of the course objectives and requirements as well as the methods of evaluation and the contribution of each method of evaluation to the final grade in the course. Students will not be permitted to write an examination in any course unless they have fulfilled the requirements of the course, including attendance.

Note for all students: It is expected that students will attend designated Ingram School of Nursing conferences such as ‘Nursing Explorations’. A student fee applies.

Regulations Concerning Final Examinations

Regulations Concerning Final Examinations

Leave of Absence

Leave of Absence from the Ingram School of Nursing

Exceptionally, students may require a Leave of Absence (LOA); please see Leave of Absence (LOA), University Regulations & Resources > Undergraduate > General Policies and Information > Undergraduate Leave of Absence Policy, and the Ingram School of Nursing Faculty and Student Handbook for information and instructions.

Any student who has been granted a leave of absence for one academic year and who does not resume studies in the following semester must withdraw from the Ingram School of Nursing. Such students may apply for readmission within one year after withdrawal.


Withdrawal from Nursing Courses/Programs

Permission must be obtained from the Program Director prior to withdrawing from a required course as this can change the degree completion date. Students considering withdrawal from the Program are advised to discuss their situation with the Director of their program prior to making a final decision.

Deadlines are noted at and will be in accordance with University Regulations & Resources > Undergraduate > Fees > Fees and Withdrawal from the University.

Note: Students who withdraw from their Fall term courses are considered as withdrawn from the University unless a leave of absence is recorded on their transcript.

Students who decide to withdraw from nursing or transfer to another McGill program are required to return their proof of registration to the OIIQ.

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