Admission Requirements and Procedures

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Admission Requirements and Procedures for Education Programs

Applications for admission to the programs offered by the Faculty of Education through the School of Continuing Studies can be made through Your application cannot be considered until all requirements have been met.

Applicants to First Nations and Inuit programs must contact the Department of Integrated Studies in Education for admission information at 514-398-4527.

Documents Required

In addition to those listed on the application website, please refer to specific requirements listed for each program. All applications require an official transcript, application fee of $80.72 (non-refundable), proof of Canadian citizenship, permanent code, and proof of residency to qualify for the Quebec rate of tuition.

Application Deadlines for programs offered by the Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology

  • Fall term: May 1
  • Winter term: September 1
  • Spring/Summer term: January 1
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