Bridging the Ancient and Modern World

Yan P. Lin forges a bold interdisciplinary venture between Arts, Social Sciences, and Engineering 

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Meet the Arts Interns

From social justice missions at home to development projects abroad, this year they took on the world

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Women in House Turns 15

The program sends female students to shadow MPs and Senators each year

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McGill's Faculty of Arts means hundreds of things to thousands of graduates who were touched by our extraordinary teaching, world-class research, and social outreach. Considering that The Faculty of Arts is the largest and most vibrant on campus, the Arts University Advancement team builds strong relationships with students, faculty members, alumni, and friends to ensure support for the programs and services that have the largest impact. Through the generosity and aid of our community, we nurture talented students, encourage academic innovation, strengthen student initiatives, and improve infrastructure. Help us keep Arts at the forefront of higher education.

8672 students

Almost 70,000 active arts alumni

18 departments, 22 interdisciplinary programs and 2 schools