New clinical trial: Keeping brains fit longer

Published: 30Jan2023

New research at The Neuro is studying a targeted brain training program and a potential new treatment for early Alzheimer’s....

Prof Bendixen's work on Sand featured in latest issue of Eos

Published: 25Jan2023

This month's issue of Eos features an article on the future of sand in which Professor Bendixen's work is highlighted.  The article Grains of Sand: Too Much and Never Enough can be read here and...

McGill ranks among the best Medical/Doctoral Universities of the Year

Published: 19Jan2023

In an announcement made Wednesday, Canada’s leading research ranking organization, RE$EARCH Infosource, scored McGill second among an A-list of three in the Medical/Doctoral Research University of...

Visiting Speaker Series Presents Dr. Erik Schneiderhan: GoFailMe: The Unfulfilled Promise of Digital Crowdfunding


The gaping holes in the U.S. and Canadian social safety nets mean that many people live in a state of financial precarity that can instantly become untenable in the face of another big expense,...

New online resource: OncoQuébec

Published: 16Jan2023

  OncoQuébec is a platform that helps Quebecers find all the information in their research for clinical trials in oncology.


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