EGSS Student Speaker Series

A reflection by Rebecca Pearce

On January 30th I had the opportunity to present a talk for the EGSS speaker series. Being a first-year PhD student, this kind of forced me to get my thoughts together in an organized way in a very short period of time. It was also an opportunity to present the background to my future research, and to get some feedback from other grad students in the Faculty of Education. Even though I spend my days teaching science to classes of 15-and 16-year old girls at Villa Maria, who are probably way more critical than a room of mellow education grad students, leading up to this talk I.Was.Terrified. It’s been a very long time since I’ve had to present anything in a post-secondary academic setting. Thankfully the talk went fine, I didn’t throw up or pass out or embarrass myself (at least I don’t think I did). It was fascinating to hear about the varied research that is going on in the Faculty of Education – everything from a case study of a transgendered figure skater to mindfulness and smoking cessation. It was also very instructive to see the other presentations because it made me realize that I need to up my Powerpoint game. I didn’t even have the names of my supervisors on my first slide (sorry Limin and Dawn!).  I highly recommend this event to graduate students – it’s a low-pressure way to kick off your academic career, present your results, or just try out a new talk!



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