The broad goal of this committee is to support excellence within the Faculty of Science by developing programs and policies that foster an environment in which all of our students, faculty and staff can succeed and thrive.

Launched in December 2018, the SECC meets once a month during the academic year. The committee aims to develop programs and policies that align with and support the University’s commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI), as well as more general measures that will support our EDI principles indirectly through approaches that will improve the working and learning climate for everyone in our community.

With representation from all Faculty of Science units, the committee will serve as a hub that will function to disseminate information about University EDI policies and initiatives, to collect information from the units about their EDI-related activities and concerns, to create knowledge and capacity through group discussions, and to ensure that unit-level EDI activities are aligned with University policy.


SECC committee members

  • Jordan Axt (Dept. of Psychology)
  • Rosalie Belanger (Dept. of Mathematics & Statistics)
  • Carolina Cruz-Vinaccia (McGill Space Institute)
  • Meghomita Das (Graduate Student Representative)
  • Diane Dechief (Faculty of Science - Office of Science Education)
  • Victoria Glynn (Graduate Student Representative)
  • Adrian Liu (Dept. of Physics)
  • Sophie Luo (Undergraduate Student Representative)
  • Nagissa Mahmoudi (Dept. of Earth & Planetary Sciences)
  • Bianca Matthews (Undergraduate Student Representative)
  • Rebecca Maymon (Faculty of Science)
  • Tony Mittermaier (Faculty of Science – Science Office for Undergraduate Student Advising)
  • Laura Nilson (SECC Organizer/Chair; Faculty of Science – Associate Dean of Graduate Education; Dept. of Biology)
  • David Rolnick (School of Computer Science)
  • Raja Sengupta (Dept. of Geography)
  • Pallavi Sirjoosingh (Dept. of Chemistry)
  • Marcy Slapcoff (Faculty of Science – Office of Science Education)
  • Carole Smith (Dept. of Biology)
  • Bruno Tremblay (Dept. of Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences)
  • Sarah Woolley (Dept. of Biology)
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