Roundtable discussion: 'Confronting Pseudoscience: A Call to Action'

A roundtable discussion to be held on October 17 will be made available to the public as a webcast.

The webcast is presented using Silverlight, a free browser plugin available from Microsoft for both Mac and PC. For Linux and Unix, the webcast is available using Moonlight.


  • Dr. Ben Goldacre
  • Dr. David Gorski
  • Dr. Michael Shermer
  • Dr. Arie Benchetrit, plastic surgeon
  • Bill Brownstein, Montreal Gazette
  • Elizabeth de Laperouse, Child Safety Task Force, St. Louis
  • Dr. Ariel Fenster, McGill
  • Josh Freed, Montreal Gazette
  • Dan Gardner, Ottawa Citizen
  • Dr. David Harpp, McGill
  • Dr. Victoria Kaspi, McGill
  • Dr. Daniel Levitin, McGill
  • Dr. Richard Margolese, breast cancer surgeon
  • Dr. Amir Raz, McGill
  • Dr. Joe Schwarcz, McGill
  • Dr. Lorne Trottier, Matrox
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